Programe de internship la Bosch

Do you want to start  something remarkable? At Bosch, you will enjoy many benefits from our internship or

working student programs,  having the opportunity to successfully join the Bosch team at the end of your stage.

Our internship programs offer you a first-hand experience in your related field of study, while giving you the

chance to assist and participate in different aspects of business or manufacturing process.

On top of that, all doors are open for promotion.

Potential areas:
 Manufactory Engineering
 Quality Engineering and Quality Audit
 Technical Project Management
 Maintenance Support and Service
 Production Field and Environment
 Financial and Controlling
 Logistics Planning and Delivery
 Human Resources and Marketing
 Building and Facility Environment
 Process Engineering
 Product Planning
 C# Development
 Sales and Support
 Industrial Engineering
 Electrical Testing
 Summer Operator

Bosch Plant, Jucu, Cluj
Potential areas:
 Production Engineer
 Process Engineer
 Technical Function Engineer
 Electrical Maintenance
 Mechanical Maintenance
 IT Support


Bosch Plant, Blaj, Alba
Bosch Engineering Center


The Office, Cluj Napoca, Cluj
 Software Computer Vision – Driver
 Ultrasonic Sensors – Driver Assistance
 Software Electric Power Steering
 Software Multimarket
 Automotive Software Services
 Automotive Electronics Industry 4.0
Solution Center
 Reliability Engineering and Validation
 Mechanical and Hardware Engineering


What you have to offer?
 Knowledge of your chosen field
 Excellent academic results
 Dedication and flexibility
 Team spirit and well-developed social skills
 Global mindset
What’s in it for you?
 Work side-by-side with specialists
 Your own area of responsibility within the
scope of projects or in day-to-day business
 Experience being part of a global team;
at Bosch, you won’t just work with people in
the same location, but also with international
colleagues via virtual networks
 Fair compensation
 Network with experts and other interns

Make your mark. Shape tomorrow’s world.
Find your place. Balance your life.
Walk the talk. Discover new directions.
Be yourself. Pay it forward. Make it happen. Apply now.
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